Qualitative Research

Experts in Qualitative Research

Dynamic Search are true-blue Specialists in Qualitative Research. We hinge our Qualitative probing techniques on the American Psychologist Carl Rogers’ Client Centred Therapy. Our research is based on decades of experience in knowing how to capture what is the most relevant and succinct information needed by our clients in boosting the marketing of their products and services.

Adapted psychotherapeutic techniques coax the consumers to open up on their own volition. They then begin to reveal their innermost thoughts and emotions, within a setting that puts our respondents at ease.

We practise the following techniques to unearth the most unique and valuable insights from consumers in their behaviour:

  • Reflection of verbal comments made
  • Reflection of non-verbal feedback/mood
  • Clarification of verbal comments
  • Clarification of non-verbal feedback/mood

These research findings are then thoroughly analysed by our team of dedicated and passionate individuals, translated into innovative solutions that can be adopted immediately into strategic and action plans.

Qualitative services designed specifically to meet the needs of clients include the following:

  • B2B In-depth interviews
  • In-depth interviews
  • Creative Elicitation Groups
  • Dyadic/Triadic Interviews
  • Ethnographic Studies – home immersion
  • Focus and Extended Group Discussions
  • Online Focus Group discussions
  • Peer Group Interviews

Consult our Qualitative Research team today to explore which options are the best suited to your brand’s research needs.

We have an in-house Recruitment team which does full time “tele-screening”.
Through this watertight system, we ensure verified and validated respondents thus avoiding falsification.