Quantitative Research

Dynamic Search’s Quantitative Research Division has recorded rapid growth and recognition. We have the special ingenuity in ‘warming’ what otherwise would be ‘cold’ data, accompanied by crisp, visually impactful presentations. Statistical data is extremely valuable in market research, and can be harnessed carefully by the right set of experienced researchers. Combined with sophisticated analytical tools, this becomes a powerful source of information needed to enhance your brands’ growth and development.

We offer a wide array of Quantitative methodologies which include the following cross-cutting services, which can be applied to a range of research programmes:

  • Accompanied shopping / dining
  • Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI)
  • Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)
  • Central Location Tests
  • House-to-house interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Office-to-office interviews
  • Online interviews