Brand Equity Index (BEI)

The Brand Equity Index (BEI) is a unique, consistent empirical tool specially designed by researchers at Dynamic Search to measure and monitor your Brand Equity.

This powerful tool combines measurements of perception and recall of a brand’s image, packaging, pricing, promotional programmes, products, and user conviction to develop an Index Value that can be tracked over time.

Price Sensitivity

Getting pricing right is a difficult but extremely important part of sales and marketing of a product, especially within a slowing economic climate and consumers’ purse-strings tighten, reducing their purchasing power.

Dynamic Search’s uniquely designed Price Sensitivity model is a statistical tool that helps companies determine how the price variation would change consumers’ buying patterns. By using price sensitivity analysis, you can help establish the value that customers place on individual attributes.

The Price Sensitivity model is based on a Conjoint analysis, where we systematically change prices, sizes and promotions and measure how consumers choose the products given different variations.

Contact Dynamic Search today to find out more about the Brand Equity Index (BEI) and the Price Sensitivity model. We can help you measure and track your brand, and decide on pricing in a systematic way!

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