Ethnographic / Home Immersion Studies

Ethnography is a Qualitative Research method originally used in Socio-anthropological studies. Adapted by Market Researchers, Home immersions seek to examine and understand natural lifestyle and what we term “habitat” phenomena within a particular target segment. It can be in-home or even out-of-home.

Dynamic Search seeks out lifestyle environments to identify their value systems real time.

For Home visits, our Qualitative researchers visit consumers in their homes, observe and note tangible and intangible cues that tell a consumer story; noting their consumption patterns of products, and engage them in deep conversations pertaining to the subject matter.

Experienced and qualified researchers are keen observers and are able to capture subtle details that would not be present in a controlled focus group setting.

Dynamic Search reenact via a professionally-made video, that shows clients the consumer’s home environment, with snippets of the interview and snapshots of how the products are being used – all in all, a “slice of a consumer’s life” captured!

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