Kids say the ‘darndest’ things and never cease to amaze us!

KidsDynamics is an exciting package by Dynamic Search combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research that offers an exclusive look into the world of the child.

KidsDynamics employs unique techniques in understanding how children gain emotional attachments to brands at an early age, associative values they bring with them into teenagehood and adulthood.

Dynamic Search adopts its expertise in both Qualitative and Quantitative Research to observe children at play, an essential learning stage that reveals life from a child’s eyes.

  • Children at play – simple and complex tasking
  • Use of projective games
  • Participant and non-participant observation of children
  • Story-telling and responding to children’s stories
  • Freeflow brainstorming
  • Creative question and answer sessions
  • Immediate recall and emotional value attached to brands and products

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