Packaging Tests and Shelf Impact


How Impactful is your packaging?

The retail environment is getting more challenging with greater competition. The shopper is constantly bombarded with a myriad of SKUs. Your packaging needs to be able to stand out from amongst the crowds of products. You feel the need to shout louder, and to provide more than just functional benefits.

PackDynamics provides you a tool to assess how well your packaging speaks on a crowded shelf:

  • Does your packaging stand out? What are the attention hooks?
  • Is your pack able to convey the right messages?
  • Planogram planning and merchandise display – what works best?
  • What are the chances of your pack being picked up for closer examination by te consumer? Could your pack eventually end up in your customers’ cart?
  • PackDynamics is a multi-faceted approach involving;
  • Shelf display and shopping experience (Shelf-Impact Test)
  • Planogram test
  • Price interplay
  • Consumers’ feedback

It is an acid test of your pack on a crowded shelf!

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