An exclusive package by Dynamic Search that gives you candid feedback on your In-store and Service performance. This allows you to understand your customers’ shopping habits better. The Research tools are: Mystery Shopping, Shopping Surveillance, Intercept Shopping and Price Monitoring

Mystery Shopping

  • Mystery Shopping, a self-assessment tool from professional shoppers’ perspective
  • It gauges quality standards and improvements needed through observation, experience and evaluation
  • Mystery Shopping can be carried out via telephone, real-time location visits or via online

Shopping Surveillance

  • Accompanied shopping, real-time observation and surveillance of shoppers in real shopping environment – capturing the “shopping moment”
  • Demographic and psychographic data capture
  • Real environment testing of POS materials
  • Observations of shopper behaviour at specific touch points

Intercept Shopping

  • After shopping, we intercept and seek clarification of shoppers’ behaviour.
  • Interviewing shoppers to recount moment-by-moment shopping experience
  • In-depth probe to complement observations: rational and emotional responses
  • Impact of visual/ tactile/ olfactory/ auditory stimuli

Price Monitoring

  • We watch your competitors’ prices for you:
  • Monitor your competitors’ price fluctuations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Between one to 24 hours’ time-lag report depending on your needs
  • Online accessibility of reports whenever you need and wherever you are

Why ShopperDynamics?

  • Good, honest self-examination Research tool
  • Service performance tracking will open up improvements and opportunities
  • Staff adherence to company standards and policies
  • Learn and identify strengths and weaknesses of your In-store programme
  • Identify where training and other process improvement efforts are necessary
  • Useful for those in the following sectors: Retailers, Automotive, Financial Services, Telecommunication, Restaurants, Raw Material Suppliers, Electronic Business

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